Manchester United fans don react ontop Lukaku transfer: We fit carry Premier League title


Today na good day for Manchester United fans as the Red Devils don announce the signing of Everton striker. The news dey sweety my belle and as e dey hot, some Red fans from twitter don yarn their mind ontop how dem see the whole matter:

@t_nickeyz: Wetin I feel about the signing be say I happy well well. The bobo dey young and people they fear am. So I happy wella. E dey epl proven. And Mazi Pogba pass no go waste too much again.

Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United: Wetin the striker fit bring?

@Dinnydavinci: As Manchester United take get Lukaku sweet me scatter, many things dey wey I for yarn but make I keep am short. Luka Luka na young and tested striker, the only person wey don score pass am in the last 3 seasons na that dwarf striker wey dey play for that club wey dey the other side of the street wey too like noise.. Based on say team quality different..

Luka Luka dey tough and tough hin non send anybody na so so goal hin eye dey find. Him and Jose don work together so I dey expect make things gell quick. Manchester United show sey dem mean business.. No nonsense. With all the yeye wey Perez dey do. Na we laff last. We no get time for rubbish. Many United fans stil dey feel say na Morata for make sense but if we look am well.. E better say we get Luka Luka dan make we dey follow madrid dey drag untop player wey never play for England before.. Wey no sabi as things dey go.. Nor be say Morata no bad o.

As e be now ehnn. United dey prepare for the future with all this young players wey dem don get. To score 85 goals in 3 seasons for England no be mai mai.

@FreshieSwizz: The reason why I see this Lukaku transfer favourable be say the guy get stamina. If e hold the ball, you no go fit take am. He get finishing. Unlike Morata, him don get EPL experience and a bromance with Pogba go favour him wella.

Wetin you think?

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