Osheey! Lukaku dun dey follow Manchester United for Twitter

As una sabi say plenty plenty news (no be rumour) dun dey fly upandown say awa future baler go soon enta United as dem dun agree hin deal. 

Plenty plenty people dun dey chuck eye here and there ontop the player activities, report con slide enta awa DM for MUIP say lukaku dun use hin church mind carry hin fone nack follow button ontop Manchester United Twitter account.

Dah one go con hint una say e dun dey totori the player tete make hin rejoin him former master for OT even though plenty nonsense tori dun commot before say hin go do Agberos comeback for Stamford Bridge. Lukaku na kanpr player wey be say hin go favour United wella next season under hin former master Jose Mourinho as e be say bin score 20+ goals last season for EPL alone.

Ontop everything we gats to troway plenty Thanksgiving punching give our very own Mazi Pogba as e be say na hin carry lukaku brain con format all the Chelsea tori wey dey there con replace am with Manchester United own.

I know say awa hater go sabi say 89m no be beans na correct tin e dey do for body. Make una wey be awa fans just carry popcorn con Sidon dey expect make medical tori commot as una sabi wella say after medical, na balling be the next thing. Make una stay tuned. More tori go soon show. 

One Blood!


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