Lukaku dun claim say na Football legend dey advice am truout hin career

Romelu Lukaku dun set to be officially announced as Manchester United player on Monday, as hin complete hin £75m move to Old Trafford.

The Belgian striker go enta replacement sheet for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, wey be say hin United career dun tragically end wen hin carry serious knee injury, as mata take be, the Belgian striker dey adamant say hin no be carbon copy of the Swedish legend.

Lukaku yarn say hin dun actually follow the 35-year-old yarn and con chop advice join but con state say hin go do things hin own way with the Red Devils.

Speaking ontop Ibrahimovic to ESPN, he yarn: “Hin do well for the club.

“Hin be the main guy for Manchester United, and hin be pesin wey i always dey look up to as I con learn alot from am join because we dey share the same agent. Here and there hin always dey sends advice give me, and e help me wella to improve.

“But I be Romelu Lukaku — I no be Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I go fill up the striker position way own way, but I know say I gats to work really hard con deliver more than I don do before join.”

Lukaku yarn say hin dey motivated by the opportunity to win trophies with United but hin con make sure say hin no go overboard with hin expectation 

I no wan talk too much.” hin yarn.

“The only thing I fit say be say we dey go there. We go dey there and we go con performe wella for sure.

“I no wan yarn too much, because I think the backlash go show like last season, so I no go talk much.”


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