Romelu Lukaku transfer to Manchester United dey shock Robbie Fowler

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler don yarn say him dey shocked by Lucozade risky decision to port come Manchester United despite him history with Jose Mourinho.


The 24 year old striker don dey finalise him £75million transfer to Old Trafford after four years for Everton, we him join after him no see shirt for Chelsea under Mourinho.


As e be, Lukaku don give him former club sweet ela kon go move go work with him former manager for Manchester United and fowler dey reason say no be beta move.

The former Liverpool striker dey wonder why Lukaku go wan trust Mourinho again and dey reason say e fit be say Mourinho been sign am unto last minute fear fear levels.

lukaku 2.jpg

lukaku 3.jpg

“I gats yarn my mind, walaitalai Romelu Lukaku decision to join Manchester United dey shock me go my intestine” na wetin Fowler write for Daily Mirror.

“E dey funny gan o, why him go wan play for manager wey don already show am twice say him no reach to play for am, as na wetin Jose Mourinho done do. Okay, I understand say him done improve, him na make sense player, but for wetin na? To me o, e strange die, especially unto say the deal dey look like suspicious last minute deal”

‘Everybody done believe say na Chelsea Lukaku been dey go and e been don sure say United go collect (Alvaro) Morata, so wetin fit don change wey fit push Lukaku to risk him morale, rep and future with Mourinho?’

Lukaku been score 25 goals for Everton last season, kon finish as second highest scorer for Premier League, behind only Harry Kane for Tottenham.


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