Ten of the best moment wey Wayne Rooney get for Manchester United

E dun dey official – Wayne Rooney dun return to Everton ontop two-year deal, as e end hin highly successful 13- year stint for Old Trafford.


Make we no make mouth, Rooney dun get amazing time of things for United, con win everything wey pesin need to win, and now hin go embark ontop new chapter as hin con return to where everything begin for am, with hin boyhood club Everton.


In accordance with hin famous shirt number, here na 10 of the best Wayne Rooney moments from hin Man Utd career…

10. First Old Trafford League Goal

Manchester United v Southampton

Hin dun score dah wey many fit no even remember Rooney first Premier League goal for Old Trafford for United.


E shele for 2-0 win over Arsenal – Alan Smith roll ball across for the striker as hin tap am in from six yards for injury time.


He fir go on to score countless number of goals against the Gunners ontop hin 13-year stint, some wey fit feature ontop this list…

9. 8-2

Manchester United's English striker Ashl

…If we dey yarn of dem, Arsenal fans look away now.


One of the most famous results for Premier League history see as Manchester United crush dem rivals 8-2 for Old Trafford for 2011, as imperious Rooney tear hat-trick dah day, the sixth of hin career dah time.


The result na stunning response to Manchester City 5-1 decimation of Tottenham for White Hart Lane, con leave Arsene Wenger to bear brunt of absolute fan meltdown.

8. Embracing Hin Inner Beckham

West Ham United v Manchester United - Premier League

Rooney dun get hin critics for the last few seasons ontop hin fitness and other aspects of hin game, but hin ball-striking class and vision na permanent.


This one na evident for one game against West Ham for Upton Park for 2014, when hin audaciously volleyed pass Adrian from just in front of the halfway line David Beckham-style.


The man hinself dey crowd stand as hin dey watch dah day, as e no fit help but smile as hin eye see another style of such terrific strike.

7. Ending the Streak

Manchester United v Arsenal

Arsenal na the hottest team for the land for 2004 as dem go 49 games unbeaten before dem carry dem small small legs enta Old Trafford as the streak enta controversial end.


Ruud van Nistelrooy converted penalty to open score line after Sol Campbell deem to dun foul Rooney for box – as e be say na contentious decision.


Birthday boy Rooney sef enta scoresheet hinself to win game for United, wey con prompt scenes of jubilation.

6. The ‘Rooney Years’

Manchester United v Arsenal - Premier League

Rooney na undeniably one of the best for this world for one point, as people go do well to respect hin move on from the club hin dun give hin best for.


The best years come between 2006 and 2012 – hin be monster ontop pitch dah time as hin hit 145 of hin 253 United goals for that period.


During dah time hin rub shoulders wella with Cristiano Ronaldo, wey be main man for Old Trafford before hin move commot go Real Madrid, Carlos Tevez, Dimitar Berbatov, with Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick be dem regular distributor for the ammunition.


Back then hin get genuine turn of pace, and hin bullish style of play dey vex defenders. Some fit almost stop football cos of am sef.

5. Amazing Newcastle Volley

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney celebra

Angry Wayne Rooney na the best version of Wayne Rooney, as hin certainly make one appearance like that for 2005 for one game against Newcastle United.


The striker, wey no be stranger to yellow card throughout hin career so far, receive  booking for late challenge on James Milner as hin con chop full frustrated figure until hin unbelievable volley.


A poor head clearance from Peter Ramage drop for Rooney feet, wey leather am enta top corner with the outside of hin foot. Even sweeter for United fans that day, the Red Devils con win the game.

4. Captain Wazza


Everyone wey dun watch Rooney over the years know say hin no be the type wet dey stay silent ontop football pitch.


Hin passion for the game, and hin desire to win dun always dey unquestionable, dah hugely proud moment commot enta hin way for 2014 when Louis van Gaal make am captain wen Nemanja Vidic commot for the club as one of dem legends

3. Record-Breaker Rooney


Dem small small dey commotRooney from starting XI for him final season for United by Jose Mourinho, but hin con provid very special moment for one league match against Stoke City for January this year.


As hin dun level on goals with Sir Bobby Charlton, na question of when and not if hin fit surpass the legend goal tally.


He finally reached hin 250th strike for the club when hin curl one sublime game-rescuing free-kick from left flank.

2. Debut Hat-Trick

Manchester United's  Wayne Rooney (R) vi

Rooney fit no get beta debut for Manchester United for 2004.


Ontop hin £26.8m transfer from Everton, people expect plenty from the talented youngster, ontop dah kyn price tag, e con be weigh on hin shoulders small


Well hin show absolute zero sign day dah kyn tin go worry am wey fit no make am ball, because hin only go con fire one stunning hat-trick for Champions League match.


Na from dah moment on wey everybody realised, say footballing superstar dun show. And na English one sef.

1. THAT Overhead Kick

Manchester United's English striker Wayn

One of the greatest goals ever wey we dun see for  Premier League, if not the greatest.


Rooney overhead kick against bitter rivals Manchester City na one kyn moment of utter brilliance, as e represents one of the most famous goals for recent history.


Nani carry ball up enta right wing for the Red Devils, as e con cross ball, wet be say na deflection e dey carry come, e con cause Rooney to check back slightly.


The tin wet follow am feel like something wey happen for slow motion, as hin leep up con fire home enta Joe Hart top left corner to win the game 2-1 for United. Na truly sensational goal and perhaps hin best moment of a stellar career thus far.

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