Lukaku dey explain why him pepper Chelsea eye to port come United

Romelu Lukaku still dey explain say him no even need to think am twice before him join Manchester United as soon as Jose Mourinho show interest.


Chelsea been dey show interest for Lukaku wey comot Agbero Villa for 2014 but United show dem who be oga as dem thief Lukaku comot their hand.

When him been dey talk about the deal for the first time, Lukaku tell ESPN: “this na the opportunity wey I don dey find since when I be pikin.

”When Manchester United call me, I no even reason am two times. So e dey sweet me say I fit dey part of their history”

When dem ask am why him choose United over Chelsea, Lukaku talk say: “Who go talk no to the biggest club for the world?


“Best stadium in England. The best fans. This na the perfect opportunity, I dey always yarn say I wan play for team wey dey fight for every trophy wey dey”

Him still talk say: “I dey reason say Manchester United as we dey talk go like be the oga patapata.

“you sef look their history, e don talk am finish. To dey part of club like them na something wey I want gan. I dey appreciate the opportunity wey dem give me.

“Now na the time to work hard, hard pass I don work before. E dey hungry me to do am. Hopefully, e go work out beta,”

Lukaku go soon link up with Mourinho, the manager wey send am comot from Agbero villa three years ago after period wey no too make sense for Chelsea.


But the 24-year old dey yarn say for where? no yawa dey between their two and say him dey thank Mourinho wey give am the opportunity to join United.


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