Romelu Lukaku go shine for Manchester United: E sure me


Manchester United need to tear plenty goal next season and Romelu Lukaku dun get correct backing by one of hin teammate.

Romelu Lukaku go cope with burden of say hin be Manchester United  main striker. Midfielder Michael Carrick dey back the 75m Belgian to provide dah confam goals wey fit boost United account.

Jose Mourinho first campaign for Old Trafford see as United rely ontop 28-goals contribution of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Now the Swede dun go and the club all time top goalscorer Wayne Rooney dun also carry hin plastic boot and polybag commot for the club go Everton, as hin leave massive void for the club to fill.

But Lukaku get the pedigree to provide the thrust as e be say even from Everton hin dun dey ball.

Una dun see watin hin fit bring come. Hin be biggie man, hin get biggie presence and hin dey score beta goals, Carrick yarn MUTV. 

Na watin we go need am for be that, na watin we go bring be that and i dey sure say hin go get great time here.


You no go wan look to put everything ontop hin shoulder, but na why dem bring am here be that – to help us at that end of the pitch, to dey tear goals.

As team and as attarking players everybody gats to dey chip in to dey tear net as dem go con share the load at little bit, to take pressure commot for the individuals.

But of course, na hin we go dey look to to dey help us tear net anyhow and I dey sure say hin will.

Carrick con dey happy say the 24-year-old no con be matchday opponent.

I dun try to tackle am few times and i no even reach any where for hin side, so at least i no go dey do am again too often!

Lukaku entrance, as mata take be, con see Rooney commot for the club after hin balling 13-years career for United.

obviously as Wayne commot for the club na big deal and hin dun be massive part for this club since hin make hin debut, Confam kanpelicious debut, carrick add.

I no dey happy say hin go. I understand why hin dun go and we all dey full in support for am con wish am well because hin bin dun be unbelievable servant for the club and hin commot with a legacy wey dey incredible.

We get some great times but everything dun carry blockage for front last last. Na the end of Manchester United for Wayne. I dey sure say hin go on to get successful end for hin career, but plenty plenty people go certainly miss am.


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