Romelu Lukaku fit handle Manchester United goal pressure


New signing Romelu Lukaku fit handle the fact say na him go be Manchester United’s main striker.

Midfielder Michael Carrick talk say e sure am gan, say the Belgian go tear net pieces for United.

The first season wey Jose Mourinho get for United, e bin rely on the 28 goals wey Zlatan Ibrahimovic get to balance hin season.


Now wey the Swede don wakka commot and Wayne Rooney self don commot go Everton, e mean say one big hole dey inside United’s attack.

Image result for michael carrick

But Lukaku don get experience, so e go fit provide the goals wey United need to succeed.


“You don see wetin e fit bring to us. Him na big man and when e enter pitch, everybody go know and e sabi tear net,” na wetin Carrick yarn.

“Na wetin we need am for o, na wetin e go bring to the table and e sure me say e go enjoy himself for here.”

Michael Carrick still yarn ontop the fact say Legend Rooney don pack hin bags, move enter Everton.

“The fact say Wayne Rooney don commot na big deal o onto say e dey among the people wey don carry this club to greater heights since the time wey e play hin first match,” Carrick still dey yarn.

Manchester United and Real Madrid don dey negotiate officially for Morata


“E dey make me sad say e commot but i understand why e commot and we dey support am. I dey wish am well. The legacy wey e don set for here, make brain die.”

“We don enjoy life wella for here but for this life, anything wey get start, go get end. Wayne’s journey for United don end. E sure me say e go end hin career on a high, but we go miss am for here sha.”



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