Five Things wey we observe as Manchester United knack LA Galaxy 5-2


Maroune Fellaini and Antonio Valencia dey whine eachother against LA Galaxy

Today na good day for Red Devils fans onto say Manchester United knack LA Galaxy apako sote dem wan shit for pant. The people wey score for the Reds na Marcus Rashford (2), Maroune Fellaini, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Anthony Martial. Romelu Lukaku wey fans bin dey expect say go tear net, just dey miss chances up and down. For the first half, the game bin end 3-0, Second half as match start, e con be 5-0.. Later LA Galaxy con vess tear net twice and na so the game take end 5-2.

We wan sharply talk about the five things wey we observe for the match:

The first thing wey we observe for the match na say Marcus Rashford na beast. Now wey e don dey gym, e mean say e go strong pass how e dey before when hin body na felele. The two goals wey the guy score make brain! Na confam striker’s goal wey e score. The truth be say e even impress pass Lukaku today. Well i no go blame Lukaku sha onto say e no sabi how United dey play yet as e just enter.

The second thing wey we observe na say Manchester United bin dominate possession for first half. The team wey Jose bin pick for first half bin totally destroy LA Galaxy. All their players frustrate onto say their leg no fit touch ball. The Reds just dey do tip-tap, before person go know wetin happen, their pant off three times.

Another thing wey we observe na say the team wey play second half try but dem no do well for defence. How dem go allow make University children score dem two goals??. We no just understand how e take happen. If say United no win 3-0 for first half now, na so we go dey follow LA Galaxy drag. The only good thing na say e dey better make our weaknesses dey exposed now, than make we wait till season start.

Another thing wey we observe na say Anthony Martial dey fight for hin first team shirt at Manchester United, na why e no too feed Romelu Lukaku ball for second half. If e see say Lukaku dey open, e go rather try hin own attempt as Jose dey watch, dan make e pass give our new No.9… The truth be say i no fit blame am. This one wey e hear say Inter Milan wan collect am inexchange for Ivan Perisic, fear don dey catch am as e no wan leave Old Trafford. E sweet me say e score sha.

The last thing wey we observe na say Andreas Pereira, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard impress me. Pereira bin dey like new signing and we dey hope say e fit stand hin ground this season to fight for first team shirt. Jesse Lingard try today, at least e run up and down with sense.


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