Who go kack The Number 7, 10 and 11 Jersey for Manchester United? 

Two very ogbonge shirts for Old Trafford don de vacant and who go wear am dey very uncertain.

This shirt number na 7 and 10 for United.The matter when dey be say na James Rodriguez na em suppose come wear number 10 shirt but the guy dn port enter Bayern.

That No.7 plenty people dn use am do rubbish since the time of Ororo and David that shirt never enter better body.

Valencia wear am the shirt burn am
Depay wear am the shirt burn am
Even di maria nor dey capable..
Bush radio dey yarn say Perisic dey most likely to come wear that no.7.

As Wazza dn hang No.10 shirt so,nobody dey ready to come wear this great shirt but story wen dey enter ear be day Rashford dey top of the list to wear this number.. But all na speculations..

We dey hear say na Sanchez fit come wear d shirt.But weda that specialist in failure go gree, na time go tell.

E nor go gel if 7 and 10 nor dey this new season..
Abeg knack us your opinion as to who go fit wear this shirt and return the glory days of the Number.


Wetin you think?

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