Jose Mourinho dey praise Lukaku performance as him score him first goal

Baba special don yarn him mind about the woss wobi talk wey him give the new Manchester United signing before him score him first goal for the club aainst Real Salt Lake.

The Belgian striker do like bruce lee as him take control the ball, kon cut keeper as him burst their net even as defender sef still dey the line.


Na that goal kon give United victory as dem nack dem 2-1 after baba one way been chop red card, and Mikki Mikki wey assist Lukaku goal sef score the other goal.

Even if Lukaku been no score, him for still chop knuckle from Baba special based on the excellent way him take play and Baba special been tell am that one just before him score the goal.

“I believe say e just make sense for am, but dey important for me,” na wetin Baba special been tell reporters for him post-match press conference.

“when him come collect water before him score the goal, I tell am ‘walahi I like everything wey you dey do for field, no fear whether you go score or not, because e no dey important.”

“he sabi hold ball wella, dey play one touch, two touch wella. He dey assist, dey move, dey go people back, he dey attack crosses, he work when him team lose ball, he kon sabi press die.

“I like everything wey him dey do and e dey easy to feel am based on say him be my player four years ago or so. Him improvement make sense. He don turn baba nla striker. The goal na just one thing, no too dey important.”

Lukaku been shift enter United from Everton for first fee of £75 million, though e fit increase go £100 million if him achieve some kind things.

E been wan be like say the Belgian dey go Agbero villa this summer, but United use ogboju kolobi am for their hand as dem dey find who go replace Ibrahimovic, and Baba special dey hope say him new striker go fit score more goals pass the 25 wey him score last season.


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