Players’ report card Real Salt Lake v Manchester United

 our boys off Real Salt Lake pants for this game, na the report card for the players wey play be this.
Joel Pereira (7/10). Although yin collect goal, yin be make plenty saves for first half wey keep us in the game.

Fosu Mensah (6/10). Yin con try today pass last match. It get one mad cross wey yin give Lukaku like that. Defensive issoalright

VicO (6/10). As usual yin be dey icy on the ball. Yi no dey panick like SmallO and Jonesy. We still get to see if yin good defensively.

Jonesy (3/10). Abeg make person explain to me how Jones na still Manchester United player? This guy daft Sha. Na him cause first goal. Yin no sabi Defend..positional awareness and body shape na minus. Yi even allow that small boi pusham before yin score.

Daley Blind (4/10). I no sabi wetin dey worry Blind. Yin wing don dey too leak. Yi need sit up.

Carrick (5/10). Baba Carro no be dey game at all. Yin lose possession too much for Midfield today. But as game con dey progress yin start dey play Wella.

Pogba (4/10). This dab king don dey feel like say yin be king of Manchester United. Yi no dey grin release ball sharp sharp. If 5 players never crowd am, yin no dey won release ball. Na from yin Dem collect ball go score us.

Mctominay (5.5/10). The boi try Sha. Yin sabi pass And dey remind me of Baba Caro. If yin Conti ur like this, yin go get bright future for United.

Lingo Lingo (8/10). Abeg wetin Lingo Lingo chop this summer. This boi don up yin game ohh. Yin con play today like Messi. Yin give 1 assist and be dey heavily involved for 2nd goal.

Mhki (8.5/10). Omo this Mhki dey fit. Yin dey glide for pitch like mudfish inside durty water. Yin combine with Little go and Lukaku Wella today. Score 1 goal provide 1 assist. Boss man!

Lukaku (6.5/10). Lukaku na wetin wey English man talk say ‘flatter to deceive’. Yin try. Yin score 1 goal. But Ehh yin hold up play na rubbish. Lukaku I take God beg u..we no want see you anywhere near midfield. Just remain our enemies their post. Wait make we give you ball der. Yin control con improve from Zimbabwe dollars to naira. It still need intervention.


Romero (5/10). Oga wetin happen? It con dey like say that new Co tract wey yin sign don off yin brain. Yi just dey go off for pitch today nearly allow striker collect ball for yin leg.

Baba One way (2/10) Baba one way hafa? Wetin make u won kill person child for field? Yin seize ur babes? Yin no try at all at all. Yin be dey frustrated from start to finish, and yin con ice am with red card. Wehdon Sir.

Baba Blue (5.5/10). Baba Blue no too sharp today. Yin con off one time wey it nearly cost goal for us. But overall yin be dey okay.

General SmallO (4/10). General SmallO wey na Jonesy twin brother for mess no dey try at all. Yin try for defense, but Pereira give am one mad cross like that wey yin miss for open post. Wallahi keeper no be even dey. Even na to nod that ball with ear it go still enter, but SmallO do yin best for miss am.

Darmian (6/10). Oga don dey improve. Him start for left back, then after yin go right back when Baba one way collect red card. Yin play well for both positions. Yin no too attack, but do yin defensive duties well.

Pereira (7/10). Abeg make Mou give this boi chance. The boi sabi ball. Even as Mou con don use am out of position, in still dey ball well. Yin sabi pass And co trip tempo of game. Yin defending dey suspect but I no fit blame am because na attacking midfield wey yin suppose play, but Yi n dey play defensive midfield this pre season.

Juan Ikeji (n) Yin no get time to play before defender chop yin leg. We no fit rate am. Yin comot too early.

Herrera (6/10). Yin game wasoaright. Yin no too do anything spectacular, but yin pressure opposition midfielders. Na yin go help our midefield next season.

Baba Fella (5/10). See it dey always come fuse me to rate Fella. Yin go do one better chest control, then con kick the ball go outside. It get one place wey Samantha Martial and Rashford dey near him..but yin decide to turn cross na for no one. It dey like say epilepsy dey worry yin legs some times. Na to put am in the hands of God Sha.

Samantha Martial (6/10). Samantha get confidence issues. Yin wan do too much to prove say yin deserve yin spot for team. Oga take it easy. We no go seek you. U be our future. Yin get one place wey yin turn defender backside, but when it comes reach time to score goal, yin decide for send ball for Mars. We still dey wait make the ball come back down.

Rashi (5.5/10). Rashi no dey game today. Yin try one or two things, but them no work. Himself gets work on his hold up play. But yin try worry defense with yin pace in behind.

Mitchel (6/10). For the shirt time wey yin dey pitch yin impress, especially after yin go left back when Valencia collect card. Make Mou give am chance This season as Shaw dey do breaking bones.

Tuanzebe (n). Yin enter for Martial for end of the match. We no fit rate am.

Shae you think k say we rate am well? If you think otherwise you fit drop your own below.



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