Jose Mourinho don declare say e go sign one more player for Manchester United



Mourinho dey eye hin thirs signing this summer

Jose Mourinho no fit talk say hin dey happy with the way the transfer window don go for Manchester United so far.

Na only two players wey United don sign – Romelu Lukaku wey cost £75million, and Victor Lindelof wey cost £30.75m.

The only club wey don spend pass United so far na Manchester City (£138.6m), but Mourinho never finish with the market as hin eye still dey chook to attract new players.

Ivan Perisic wey suppose come Old Trafford, dey fly go China with Inter Milan and the rumour wey we dey hear na say Inter Milan no wan gree until dem fit collect Anthony Martial.

Manchester United no go pursue Neymar even though him been talk with Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho still dey chook eye for Eric Dier and Nemanja Matic.

Jose Mourinho don use style talk say na only one player Manchester United go sign.

“If na by our wish, we wan more,” na wetin Mourinho yarn for ESPN FC. “Everytime, e dey do me for body like say empty space dey, wey new player suppose fill, I no fit talk say i dey happy with our transfer window.”

Ivan Perisic wan force himself to Manchester United


“Wetin i go talk again na say this transfer window dey hard so i no go blame anybody – Na how life take be. The market don spoil sote e dey hard to buy players, some players dey impossible to buy self.”

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Man Utd dun keen to keep versatile Darmian even as Juve and Inter dey disturb

“Every club get power and dem no wan sell or if dem wan sell, dem go make the price high so the market dey hard.”

“Before Everton collect Lukaku money, dey bin dey buy players. Ac Milan self dey buy many players. Things don change.”

“Before i bin talk say i go buy four players but the way everything dey go, once we sign another player, e go end there and i go dey happy because i know say things dey hard.”

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“Right now, we get Lukaku and Lindelof and i sabi dem well. I don work with one before and the other one na from the Portuguese champions, and i dey watch their League every weekend.”

“I dey happy with them, i know say dem go succeed for here.”

“The market dey end on August 31, so enough time dey but wetin me as manager like, na make we dey sign players early so we fit coach dem, so dem go adapt to our patter from day one.”

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