Michael Owen dey expect “Baba nla striker” Romelu Lukaku to score at least 20 goals every season for Manchester united

Michael Owen don yarn say Romelu Lukaku go justify him £75million price-tag at Manchester United and says the Belgian go score at least 20 goals every season for Old Trafford.

Lukaku shift yansh enter Manchester United earlier this month even as e be say na dem Agberos been dey hope to carry am go house.


The 24 year old been open him account for him new club for Monday night as him score for United 2-1 pre-season friendly victory over Real Salt Lake.

Owen dey expect Lukaku to be hit for Old Trafford and dey yarn say him lucrative transfer make sense for everybody wey dey involved.

“Lukaku been play for Chelsea before so him sabi the club, I no sabi how e take turn round but I sabi say na good deal all round,” na wetin him yarn for Metro

Romelu Lukaku – I go Replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“You look Everton, dem been don spend plenty money as dem know say money from him transfer deu come. Na good move for Everton sake of say the player clear eye say him wan test himself for next level for Champions League.

Everton been plenty money ontop player wey score plenty goals for them and be better person for the club for some years.

“As United take lose Zlatan and Rooney, dem been need big signing and I believe say na Lukaku na the kind player wey Jose Mourinho like-he get that big presence for front and sabi carry that position with him size.

Manchester United don assign squad numbers to Victor Lindelof and Romelu Lukaku

“Sometimes for football, transfer fit be like say e make sense for everybody wey dey involved and I believe say this one na one of them.”

Lukaku don turn the fifth most expensive signing for history when him join United but Owen no believe say e go affect him performance.


“Top players don dey used to pressure” him yarn. “Price-tag na something wey you nor suppose even think about. Na just football and when you sabi say you fit do am, you no go let fear fear hold you.


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