Romelu Lukaku: Jose Mourinho dun improve me wella within one week

Manchester United Romelu Lukaku dun reveal say hin feel say hin game dun improve after just one week of playing under the watchful eye of hin new manager Jose Mourinho.

Ontop one report wegy commot for Daily Mirror, Lukaku yarn come out regarding how the self-proclaimed ‘special one’ dun improve am wella as footballer for dah tintini period of time.

Manchester United v Los Angeles Galaxy

The Belgian international con recently score hin first goal for United as Red Devils dispose Major League Soccer outfit Real Salt Lake enta dustbin ontop dem 2-1 nacking during dem second game of dem pre-season tour for the USA.

Jose Mourinho don provide important update on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future

Following the match, the 24-year-old, wey join body for OT from Everton for £75m, yarn say hin dun already add to hin skills as player after hin re-uniting with the former Chelsea boss for the states.


“Hin know watin i fit bring to the team and hin be pesin wey dey push me,” naso Lukaku take yarn

“I dey push myself too, but hin dey make me better player. I think say I dun learn plenty plenty tin from am in the last week and I dey glad say I fit work with am. Hin yarn say I gats to dey do watin i dey do. I dey happy for my goal. E totori me wella

“Plenty Plenty work dey to do, as team we know say we need to be better.

“But I dey glad cos say I dey here ­because you dey see say na big club and na the challenge be that, the move I want. I dey very happy now. I gats to make sure I stay focused con get the same ambition I dun dey always get and work hard – na the key to success be that.”


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