Henrikh Mkhitaryan- I go Help Lukaku Tear Net 

Henrikh Mkhitaryan tell ESPN FC sey in job for next season, na to arrange defence make Lukaku   dey  Nak all the goals.Lukaku aka ” Jam anybody!!!” Aka ” Optimus Prime” na in Mourinho sign use replace Babanla Zlatan ……No vex ” Na zlatan sign Lukaku make in replace am, as e dey hot ,nobody dey komot Zlatan for setting, Na zlatan dey komot inself for setting….back to the matter…

The thing be say, una remember that Lukaku first goal for United against Real Salt Lake ? , na our Man Mkhi na in dish out the assist and the guy dey hungry for more “as e dey hot” .e even talk say as this season dey come so,sey that combination,wey in and Lukaku don start, e go be like rice and beans.”no fear ” 

Mkhitaryan don play with better Assasins dem, for example ” Lewandowski”, &”Aubameyang”, but e talk say e no fit compare any of them to “Optimus Prime”, e talk say our new Chairman for front na special specie .


Wetin you think?

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