Jose Mourinho dey hail Chelsea as dem dey sign Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid

Baba Special dey hail Chelsea move to sign Morata as him dey yarn say the Premier League champions dey get “beta player”


Chelsea don dey forced to shift eye as Manchester United been show dem who oga be as dem kolobi Lukaku from their hand earlier this month.

For Wednesday, Antonio Conte side been gree ontop trabsfer fee with Madrid for Morata wey go cost initial £58 million but fit rise to £70 million after add-ons.

The spain international don almost join Baba special this summer and don even gree to shift yansh come Old Trafford, but United nor gree reason the price wey Madrid dey ask.



When dem ask about as Chelsea wan sign Morata for him press conference for Thursday, Mourinho reply say: “I nor dey interested in wetin Agberos dey do, I swear.

“We been need striker, we been need person wey go cover for Zlatan and Marcus [Rashford] no dey enough, especially as Zlatan don chop injury,

“We don kon get beta player [Romelu Lukaku]. Player wey you no fit compare with wetin him be few years ago because him been work with me for some months four or five years ago.


“Him development make sense, we believe say we don get player wey him sef be Baba nla for Europe, he gats prove am for the highest level, he gats do am for Manchester United, he gats do am for Champions League matches.

“But I believe say he make sense die.


“I believe say everybody sabi say dem go sign new striker especially after wetin happen between the manager [Conte] and Diego [Costa] e dey clear say dem go sign striker.

“Them do am with Alvaro Morata and na beta player for them”


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