Players’ Report card: Manchester United V Manchester City

 Manchester Derby wey play for Houston for United States na the first ever derby outside of England. Field be full (67000) as many people come watch United dey beat yin noisy neighbors 2-0. Na the report card this for players wey play.

De Gea (6/10) Baba No too stress. Yin save the shots wey con yin side but overall City boys no too worry yin post. Aguero be get off match.

Valencia (6.5/10) Baba one way do you job as usual. Yin pocket Sterling for first half, then pocket Same for 20 mins for second half before them sub am.

Lindehof (6/10) Vic Of be get very quiet game. Yin dey read game Wella so no dey too stress yin self. I for give am 7 if no be some poor pass wey yin give wey Dem nearly take score us.

Smalling (3.5/10) One minute General SmallO na prime Nesta the next minute na Titus Bramble. Yin no dey comfortable with ball at all. Sometimes yin brain dey off. It get some simple ball wey yin suppose clear like that, oga go dey behave like frog wey dey find insect to Chow. If attacker be nearam Dem for score us. Baba Special auction am Abeg.

Blind (6/10) Yin allow that small boi Roberts to dey nutmeg am. But yin try for yin position. Yin read game well.

Herrera (7.5/10) Herrera na boss I swear. Yin game be dey very good. Yin win possession many times and stop plenty counter attacks. It dey like say yin don dey practice yin shots.

Pogba (8/10) Pogboom just dey boss the midfield. Sometimes yin dey sleep defensively, but when it come to distribute passes, yin no get level. Na yin assist Lukaku with some mad pass like that.

Lingard (6/10) Yin no too shine today. Yin be dey dull, but yin help defensively as usual.

Mhkitaryan (8/10) Baba Mhki dey glide for pitch like smooth ebah wey dey enter person throat. Yin game be dey wonderful. Na yin give assist for Rashidi goal. 

Rashford (8/10) This boi na different level. Yin don gym Wella this summer. Yin football too don mature. Yin score some mad goal like that. Big season dey ahead of am.

Lukaku (8.5/10) Oboi be dey beast mode. Yin link up play be dey very good. Yin round Bravo Jr for score mad first goal from impossible angle. If no be post, yin for score 2 goals.

Romero (6/10) Them no too disturb am with shots. The few wey con yin way be be na catching practice. Yin don dey gamble with ball small.

Carrick (6/10) Baba Caro enter just dey use experience rotate ball. Dem no born u well to collect ball from yin leg.

Jones (6/10) Yin try as yin enter. Yin no come mess up like yin brother Smalling.

Bailly (6/10) Baba Blue too like play. Everything for am yin go want they play. But yin try Sha as usual.

Darmian (6/10) As usual yin no dey allow any person dribble am. Yin do a good job for left back. 

Martial (5/10) Samantha no enter game at all. Wety dey go through yin mind ohh. Na only yin sabi.

Fellaini (6/10) Baba Fella try as yin enter. If you collect ball for yin leg yin dey kick you collect am back.

Mensah (5/10) This boy yin brain dey off sometimes. Yin dey very rash wen yin no suppose dey. Yin go learn.

Pereira (6/10) This boi get better future. For the few minutes wey yin dey pitch, yin show everybody why yin suppose remain for old Trafford this season. Yin also get mad crosses.

You think say these ratings dey good? Tell us wety you think.


Wetin you think?

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