Jose Mourinho don provide update on the formation wey e go use pieces Real Madrid


Jose Mourinho dey plan to rotate hin Manchester United squad for the International Champions Cup match wey go happen against Real Madrid on Sunday. The Boss don yarn say e go play people wey never too tap ball for pre-season.

For the first two matches wey happen against LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake, the manager bin make 11 changes at half-time onto say e bin wan make everybody tap ball for at least 45 minutes.


Then against Man City, na only four substitutions wey e make at half-time. The other subs wey e make na after one hour pass. E shock everybody say e change three out of hin four players wey dey defend and na the same thing wey e plan to do against Real Madrid.

“We dey rotate all our defenders, make everybody see chance play,” na wetin Mourinho yarn for hin press conference.

Cristiano Ronaldo no go play against Manchester United – Why?

“The first set bin play first half, while the second set con play second half. The only person wey play long pass others na Antonio Valencia and that one na onto say e no too play against Real Salt Lake because of hin red card.”

“Na the same thing we go do against Real Madrid. I go change all the defenders for second half. I no go change my mind, e no consign me if we win or lose. The koko na to train and make everybody tap ball.”



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