Important Message from Man United in Pigin to Anthony Martial

No be today wey Anthony Martial case don dey worry us. We at MUIP don examine the French Winger but we still dey confused ontop why hin form dey behave like light bulb wey dey Nigeria.

The truth be say Anthony Martial dey behave as if say na PHCN dey control hin form and when dem wan make e play well, dem go 'On am' and when dem wan make e play rubbish, dem go switch am off.

Just look at the Real Madrid match now, na only one moment of brilliance wey Martial get and that moment, E use am pieces the whole Real Madrid backline. Only am, destroy about five Los Blancos players before e do assist for Jesse Lingard. Before that mad run wey e do, na rubbish e play. For second half, e no worry them at all, na why the person wey win 'Man Of the Match' na Jesse Lingard.

We at MUIP wan fire warning to am onto say e gots dey more consistent for United if e wan hold permanent Starting shirt for Jose Mourinho eye. If say Martial dey consistent now, the Red Devils no for dey purshue old cargo Ivan Perisic.

Martial, we take God beg you, improve. The players like Hazard and ko wey dey worry teams from start to finish, no get two heads. you fit do achieve am too but you gots work on yourself.


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