Victor Lindelof: Na still blessing abi e dun dey turn curse?

As una sabi say no be small show wey our boys do for Sunday night as dem face Real Madrid wey be defending champion for Champions Leauge. The match go well small but plenty plenty tinz dey wey pesin fit touch light ontop how far one of awa new signing dun dey perform, but na ontop just one of the biggest error for the match i just use style chuck hand enta touch light am wella.

Ontop the touch lighting we see say Manchester United still dey shine teeth wella ontop sem form for this pre-season, as we con take nack Real Madrid for penarity shootout. As e be say na 1-1 draw soup level we bin dey before, before the shootout. Na Anthony Martial bin show Madrid defence say hin bin be king of YAGI as hin carry gala pack share for all of dem make dem go dey sell for Ikeja hold up as e con troway £200m pass give Lingard, nd as sabi boy way Lingard be hin no forget net, na tearing level. But for second half Madrid bin con dey show say dem get head too as dem equalize. if not for the kyn ugly challenge wey our first signing this summer commit we for knack dem dem free free without any condom attached to am. And na where my touch lighting wan base be that.

After Manchester United carry £31m buy Lindelof, plenty plenty people dun dey hope say na dusting level we dey for back take of say £31m for the account so no be small money. Pesin no fit use £31m chop bread and bean make dem no fast fast touch light hin level for yaba left. But as to my own opinion this pre-season no follow lindelof smile at all, take of say error duj dey too much on am and na dah one dey cause pressure for him body. 

Ontop the kyn ball way I see lindelof play today I notice say hin no be the kyn pesin wey fit absolve pressure. Because say right from dah mistake wey hin make, baba brain dun go fetch water take of say e just dey do the match like NEPA, operation on one sec and off the whole day.

Victor Lindelof dun show say hin fit be a not rough around ghr edges – despite say dem tag am £31m

Although for hin first match wey be against LA Galaxy hin bin dey play well. Con dey prove small small say hin worth the amount wey dem buy am. For Man City match hin hole arguero strong. Hin build correct blockage for back with the other guys. But hin tackle dun dey too heavy. Na why he con chop card join for the Man City match be that. 

The Manchester United new swede defender con go clatter Theo Harnandez as hin con gift Madrid second-half penalty leveller.

And e con suit the kyn crunching NFL tackle fr the Levi Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers.

Hin blunder send the beta March wey bin sun dey totori pesn before enta penalty shootout – we be say dem kuku win- although other embarrassing moment from Lindelof show after hin dreadful spot kick just enta Kiko Casilla hand with totoring easy.

In FACT the whole shootout sef poor as SEVEN efforts just dey enta gutter about keeps save am.

Former United defender Dabid any dey cruci of Lindelof con yarn MUTV say: “Him bin be like four or five yard too slow.” United boss Jose Mourinho fit dun dey cheer, ontop the kyn display wey Anthony Martial drop. As e sti dey shock everybody.

Things wey Victor fit do if hin wan ball pass normal for Manchester United, after all the matches hin dun get error in.

  1.  Hin need to be fighter just like hin defence partners Valencia and Bailey.
  2. Hin need to work on hin speed. Make hin no dey look like marking turtle for defence.
  3. Hin need to dey cool hin mind wen the team dey face pressure.
  4. Hin need to work on hin tackles
  5. Hin need to dey able to absolve pressure. Make hin no dey worry about the crowd bulling abi hin haters
  6. More training, more things to learn

But Upon everything wey happen I sti dey convinced say Lindelof na beta player for Manchester United. At least na sti pre-season. And season dun dey knock gate for backyard, e go soon reach dommot. I know say hin go improve wella only if no be mourinho be hin couch. 

But as sabi fans wey una be. Una fit share us your thought ontop Lindelof performance so far nd watin u think say hin fit do to improve. Just branch awa facebook page or Twitter handle @manutdinpidgin nd if u get WordPress account u fit drop your hint here. I go dey expect una comments.
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One thought on “Victor Lindelof: Na still blessing abi e dun dey turn curse?

  1. Me I feel say make people still give the guy time. Shebi dem see hin stats before dem buy am and dem see say Victor na correct defender. Hin go surely settle for the team with time.

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