Manchester United vs Barcelona: Our Players’ report card


Manchester United bin take on Spanish giants, Barcelona, in their final game of the preseason tour. The match bin end 1-0 in the Favour of Barca as Neymar score the only goal to end United’s winning streak. The game bin dey very exciting but we no win today.

We wan sharply rate players performance for this game.


De Gea: We don dey talk am since say De Gea na winch. Him make some fantastic saves today – bar the goal wey dem score. He try gan! Fashy Pogba, de Gea na our MVP, I give am 7.5!

Valncia: Oga one-way get mixed game today. He try wella for attack  with some mad runs and crosses but defensively, he switch off. Na him fall for 18 yard box make Barca score. I give am 6.

Smalling: I no just understand this guy. One minute you go think say na prime Nesta, the next he go dey shake lik water leaf for defense. He no get composure and confidence. I give am 4.5.

Lindelof: The Swedish defender try him best to stop MSN but last last them use am see shege. He get average game and gats improve. 5.5.

Former Manchester United Striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy dub pickout Romelu Lukaku best attribute 

Blind: Daley no try  for defense. He also make some runs into the box but him crosses na dead. He gats improve on those. 5.

Carrick: Baba Carro no fit keep up with MSN. But he try wella to shield the defense and when he hold ball he try compose dictate Yh pass of the game. But chai.. Power pass power. Them use am see shege. 5.


Pogba: Mourinho no lie when he talk say this guy dey on par with the world bests. He impress me today. He spread passes and bin get little success against MSN. 7.5.

Mkhitaryan: Mkhi dey annonymous for most parts of the game. He no too see ball play as Barca dominate possession. But when he hold ball he showcase himself say he Sabi. 5.

Lingard: Pedestrian for most of the game. He no fit keep up with Barca. Last last he come wonjure. We hope say e no dey serious. 4.7

Rashford: This guy na baller! The way he take use Barca defense see shege today eh. The few times wey he hold ball na threat him always be. If to say he see more of the ball he for score or assist. 7.5.

Lukaku: Lucozade disappear as game been dey wear on. Na only that early first chance he get wey really threaten. He no too see ball play so he come dey enter midfield defend. 5.

Romero: Replaced de Gea for second half. He no too get much stress as Barca cool down for second half. He made some routine saves and tried to kickstart counter. 5.5.

Darmian: the Italian dey very reliable in defense. He No let Munir pass am. But going forward na zero. He gats improve. 5.5.

Jones: Average game. No too make impact. 5.

Jose Mourinho don provide update ontop Jesse Lingard’s injury

Bailly: Our best defender. He make some good tackles and interceptions. Also ginger attack too. 6.5.

Pereira: Even though he no too get time to play, he impress me wella. He whip one shot wey almost tear net but na over. He dey smart in Pocession. 6.5.

Fellaini: The warrior. I like as e try him best for that midfield. Made so many tackles so Tay them give am yellow card. Nothing spectacular. I go give am 5.

Martial: Livewire! The guy ginger wella for attack when he enter for second half. Play one R2 wey remain small for enter. Decent game. He just need to dey consistent. 6.

Tuanzebe: Solid player. No flaws for this game. 5.5

If you get different opinion, please comment for the comment section or contact me on Twitter @Kvng_Jaydn. Glory Glory Man United #MUIP


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