Important message from Man United in Pidgin to Vic O (Lindelof)

Oga Vic O aka Iceman hafa na? Wetin dey happen? You don friend general SmallO?

We for MUIP know say you be new signing and you need time to balance your nyansh for pitch but it dey like say you won decide join SmallO bad gang.

Why you con dey play like say persin sit down for your brain? Wety you dey fear?

We take God beg you as fans say make you stop this kind expensive joke. We sabi say na preseason, but at least show us one good thing apart from ball wey you sabi pass. Even if na just one mad tackle like how baba Blue dey do. No con boot person leg like how you do for against Real ohh. Aseh Ehh…wety be dey worry you sep for that tackle? You drink lacasera before enter field?

Sha we know say you go come good. Na just early days. One thing wey Mou sabi pass everybody na to buy better defender. So we know say you just to show us now.
No do us ojoro ohh. We don tire general smallO and Jonesy craze.

We trust say you go come good. Just hurry sharp sharp pick form before UEFA super cup if not na general SmallO and Jonesy go play against Real as Baba Blue get suspension. I no want imagine score line if that happens.

We thank you well well Vic O for ear you don give to our concerns. God Bless your next tackle…no only break person leg.



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