Real Madrid don dey ready to sell Gareth Bale to Manchester United to raise money for Kylian Mbappe transfer

Real Madrid dey ready to push Gareth Bale to comot the club to join Manchester United as dem dey try raise money to sign Kylian Mbappe.

Tori comot for Spain on Tuesday say Real Madrid don gree record £161 million deal with Monaco to sign the small pikin and go dey dash am salary of £120,000 per week.

But even as dem chop about £80m from when dem sell Alvaro Morata and Danilo to Chelsea and Manchester City, dem still need to throway another player after dem see small money from the loan wey dem send James Rodriguez.

0000002.jpg dey yarn say e be like say na Bale dem go sell. Bale dey happy for Madrid and nor too wan come premier league back as him don even yarn before say him go fight to play for any club wey no be Tottenham.

But apart from say dem need the money from selling player, Real Madrid dey reason say dem gats break their famous ‘BBC’ attack to convince Mbappe say him no go chop bench tire.

Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale don be oga patapata as Real Madrid win Champions League for three inside last four seasons kon still kack LaLiga title join.


That one don dey make Mbappe fear say make him no go too rest yansh for bench if him go Madrid as e go affect World Cup appearance.


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