Why Nemanja Matic transfer to Manchester United go favour Paul Pogba?


As Manchester United don sign Nemanja Matic, We at Man United in Pidgin dey happy o. No be because say the Serbian na stand out player, but na because say him fit be the missing piece to the Best of Paul Pogba.

Matic na average player but e go epp Maazi Pogba. You sabi say Maroune Fellaini self na average player but if Baba Fella dey pitch, Pogba no go get freedom to play wetin e like as Mourinho go send Fellaini go front, and Pogba go sit back. Now wey Matic don sign, and Fellaini dey wakka commot go Turkey, We fit see the best Paul Pogba performances as e go see chance to Overlap.

Breaking News: Nemanja Matic to Manchester United na Done Deal

Another thing be say Manchester United get money na, so if dem wan invest in short term player, nothing do dem. To me ehn, Matic na short term player. If during the time wey Matic spend for United, Andreas Pereira blow, e go favour us as e no go dey drag am (Midfield) with another young player.


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