Five Things wey we observe as Real Madrid knack Man United 2-1: UEFA na Ojoro Master

Manchester United don lose the UEFA Super Cup game to Real Madrid after the Spanish giants knack the Reds Devils 2-1 on Tuesday night. The people wey score for Los Blancos na Casemiro and Isco, while the person wey score for the Reds na Romelu Lukaku.

We wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the match:

UEFA Officials na Ojoro Master

Everybody sabi say Real Madrid bin deserve to win because dem play pass Manchester United, but e no make sense as UEFA Officials dey asisst dem. The first goal, the one wey Casemiro score na clean offside but linesman do like say e no see am. Then most of the calls wey ref blow, bin favour Madrid. Dem go just touch person small, Ref go con blow like say na foul.

Arsene Wenger: Manchester United no suppose dey Champions League this season

United play Total Rubbish for First Half but Matic bin stand out

The Red Devils bin play total rubbish for the first 45 minutes. No form of connectivity bin happen for our midfield among Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera. Out of all of dem, na only Matic impress me as e win many tackles, steal many balls and e bin dey very composed but as a unit, our midfielders no gel at all. As the midfield fall apart, e con put serious pressure on our defenders as Real Madrid bin dey with the ball most of the time.

Jose Mourinho bin fail Tactically

Reds Boss Jose Mourinho bin fall my hand with the way e take set up hin team against Real Madrid. E first start with 3-4-3 wey resemble 3-7-1 onto say Manchester United bin dey purshue ball for the most part. Romelu Lukaku bin dey isolated, Mkhitaryan start the match like say e wan take the game to Madrid but later e con vanish like say e be Vanishing spray. Jesse Lingard just dey run up and down like horse wey dem abandon for Lekki beach, e no make one single impact. We no know why Mourinho no use Anthony Martial, well that one na story for another day. Anyway, Zinedine Zidane bin get the edge over Mourinho for this match, hands down.

Eric Bailly na Big Miss, Lindelof dey mess up

The Red Devils bin miss their star defender Eric Bailly as the United defender still dey serve hin suspension. The people wey partner for defence na Chris Smalling and Victor Lindelof. Chris Smalling try tonight but the Lindelof mess up big time. The guy just dey shake like say hin dey bath with cold water. The two goals wey Madrid score, na hin side dem use take enter. E sure me say Lindelof go chop bench till e mature, because atm from wetin i don see so far, e no be United standard. Time still dey for am to improve sha.


Maroune Fellaini na game changer

One of the most oustanding players for Manchester United tonight na the Belgian international. When Mourinho bin put am, many fans bin dey moan about the decision but as Fellaini enter pitch, e use hin phyiscality to the Reds Advantage. The goal wey Lukaku score, na hin dirty work start the whole process. E remain small e for start the process to make the game 2-2, but Rashford no fit bury Madrid with hin one on one attempt.


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