Manutdinpidgin’s message to Paul Labile Pogba

Oga Pogba it don tey wey us in Manutdinpidgin wan write you this letter. Wety you smoke?

Paul Labile it con dey like say you dey feel say you don win world best. You go just dey play rubbish for field anytime we meet better opponent. We sabi say you be technical player and like dribble, but why you no wan learn sense?

Must u dribble ehh Pogba? If you play football wey simple like them Modric and Kroos, ur babalawo go vex? If you see player wey free like Lingard yesterday for that counter, release the ball. Each time wey we call on you for big game, you go just dey mess up like person wey never chop.

Yesterday you looked lost, confused, flabbergasted, perplexed, dumbfounded, confounded, stunned, unsettled and out of place. In fact, you made Casemiro look like Iniesta. Just rotating you around like chicken on a rotisserie.

You don dey do rubbish since this pre season. If no be that Barca match wey you step up, you never do natin wey worth your name this pre-season. For yesterday match, you go dey hold ball dey do nonsense when you suppose pass. You con be na tackler instead of creator.

Paul Labile Pogba, We all know say u sabi football, but if you won reach that next level, then you need for step up your game. You get to dey play simple. Stop dey complicate football. If na off field matter now..u no dey carry last.

We no buy you to dey dab..we no buy you to be super model..we no buy you to be super agent (we get Raiola and Mendez for that).. we no buy you to dey change hairstyles. We buy you to create goals and dominate midfield.

We buy matic to release you, but it con dey like say you no wan release. If na Michael Scofield you want make we buy to release you, tell us sharp sharp make we call Woody woody. See your own kind ting…

better be serious with your life ehh. No dey take us play. 89million pounds is not chicken change.

We believe in u sha…but you get to play simple, mature and step up your game. We dey hope say as this new season dey start, you go prove all your doubters wrong and make us proud.



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