Marouane Fellaini: Lord of Manchester!


When Jon Snow first show for Winterfell, him adoptive Mama no like am at all. Even some of him family members no like am too because them no feel say him no worth to dey bear the name of the family “Stark”.  For years them see am as outcast, “runt of the litter” they bin tag am.

But over the years, him come dey win the heart of him family and the rest of the clan through him bravery, doggedness and passion to never give up no matter what.

Make we fast forward through the series, Jon Snow don overcome a lot challenges and criticism through hardwork and perseverance and him don become Lord Snow, King in the North.

Apologies to those wey no dey watch HBO series “Game of Thrones”.

In many ways Jon Snow story dey similar with Marouane Fellaini. When Fellaini bin first join Manchester United from Everton in 2013/2014 season, a lot of fans been dey yarn say we don sign spoil. And no be lie. Him no try at all for us. Na so so dirty football him dey display. He come join am with record of fouls wey cause plenty red cards and him love to dey give away PKs no be here. Over all, majority of Manchester fans no come like am. He just be like anti-villain.

BUT over the last couple of seasons, Fellaini don improve gan! Him contributions to the team dey very important.

How many times Fellaini don save us with those him last minute headers?  For F.A Cup last two seasons him score some crucial goals. Even for Europa League and EPL. We fit neglect the fact say nobody for Man United fit boss opposition players for their 18 in the air the way Fellaini dey do? Or we wan talk of the way he Sabi chest ball and create space for him team mates?

Fellaini na warrior! True red. Him don give him best for Manchester United. Whether he wound or he no wound he go still play (unlike some Ajebo left back wey go wound small and them go go 3 years injury). That kain heart and determination na watin Manchester United dey about. We no dey give up!

Lord Fellaini bin enter for second half against Real Madrid and na as him enter naim we begin dey play better. Him worry Real Madrid wella with him tackles. If to say Rashford score that goal, Fellaini for be game changer. Even with that head injury wey him get, he still fight on. True red!

Truth be say Fellaini na diamond in the rough and him don do more good for us than bad. If Fellaini go another team dey play against us we go regret am because na there naim we go see him impact. Make we respect and appreciate am because there go never be another like Lord Fellaini, the King of Manchester!



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