Players report card: UEFA Super Cup final Real Madrid 2 vs Man Utd 1



Manchester United first real test of wetin we suppose dey expect this season come up yesterday nighta s we jam Real Madrid for the Super Cup final wey happen for Skopje, Macedonia.

Truth be say , many people no expect us to win the match but we expect to put up good fight and even though the match end for 2-1 as we lose, we all see say if to say we use some small changes early for the game the matter for different.

Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am.

De Gea : as usual, he put up another fine performance, no body fit blame am for the goals wey he concede and we gats thank am say he stop that close range shot wey Asensio play cos scores for different pass as e be. I give am 7

Valencia: he try well when he dey go forward and he help reduce the threat wey Marcelo for get to ginger enter our defence anyhow. I give am 6

Lindelof : he get major issues with him positioning and marking. He no mark Casemiro for the first goal and he make some other plenty minor mistakes for the game. He still get plenty improvement to do if he wan dey play against the top teams for Europe. I give am 5

Smalling : he surprise me for the match as he dey composed for the defence. He also put him body to use as he help block ball many times wey Real for get chance pepper us well with one shot or the other. I give am 6.5

Darmian : he trey well for the game as na him make Bale no to get plenty chances. The most important tackle for the match na that one wey he do against Benzema wey no let am score. For this i go give am 6

Lingard : Lol, abeg make we move forward.

Matic : this one na perfect Carrick replacement. Abeg make we thank Chelsea say dem no see the good wey dey him body. He help with plenty tackles and him ball distribution na ogbonge. Na him shoot shot wey result to our goal.Na my man of the match, I give am 7

Pogba : na him dey make people abuse am. Pogba go don play ball finish , oya do simple pass na, na wahala. He go dey wait make 4 people come mark am so he go prove say na him be guardian of the galaxy. He dey selfish too for the game, he get one better chance wey he for just pass the ball but he play rubbish shot. The only reason i go rate am 5 na because of the tackles he make.

Herrera : he lost for this match. I shock self cos apart from that him cross wey he give Pogba wey he nod, i no fit remmeber any other thing wey he do for the game. I give am 4

Mkhitaryan : he show wetin he fit do but na just say the consistency no dey. Him sweet pass to Rashford na just one of them. He need to build up him game play with the player wey go strike so dem go understand am so he go fit get plenty doings. I give am 6

Lukaku : ‘lookattew’, see the clear chance wey he miss but i no go too blame am for the game as he no get solid delivery from the midfield so na ‘ajeku’ he see chop take score goal but at least he position himself for am. I go give am 6


Rashford : he waste that clear chance wey for give us something to talk about. I don always talk am, he need to dey look up when he hold ball so he go fit see where he wan chook ball for net. He make some fine runs too for the match as he worry Carvajal small. I go give am 5

Fellaini : he don turn our super sub now. As he enter the game change straight away. He impress me with him ball holding and some few passes. Even as he wound he still continue the match, i give am 6.

This one don show say we get plenty to work on to make sure say this our season no be another waka-pass or draw soup things again.

Mourinho also need to make sure say him choice of selection dey also match the game type. Cos truth be say i wonder wetin Lingard dey do for this kind game when Martial dey bench.

Anyways, make we dey anticipate one big season as we go kick off this weekend. Make una no forget say  #UNITEDWESTAND.


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