The Wings of United Don fall???

Na who fit remember the days of Beckham, Nani,C.Ronaldo and even Giggs.

Those days na wen united dey penetrate teams from the wings and dem dey do damage.This wingers sabi cross and dem sabi dribble and dem sabi net goals.Once the midfielder free dem dem dey destroy.

One place when need serious upgrade for our team na the flanks..

For the right hand side ,Valencia na one way and only one in a million Cross dey resemble better thing ,d worst thing be say no natural right winger to even support am..Yes the guy dey work for match but d thing resemble baba ijebu na try your luck kine of ball…No link up play at all.
Make we waka go the left side.

That one bad finish ,Na right leg man dey play there meaning say no deep crosses from the flanks wen go dey the front of Lukaku Head ,the thing go hard for right Footer to fit do that kine delivery..
Then Just see the wingers wen dey the team,None na master for em Art..

Martial good but how many crosses em fit deliver ,how many games e fit influence …The guy na striker turn winger .

If e use Martial for wing e need game time to master the place nor be to dey remove am put am like spare tire.
If Mou transfer the kine belief  wen e get for oga 100million body enter martial own den u sure say martial go begin do real damage.

Martial need games,time and consistency..
The new season wan start so but no real 7 and 11 for team.
D wing of United dn fall or e just dey on strike?

Abeg knack your Opinion.


Wetin you think?

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