Man United versus West Ham United – Opposition Watch (Make we try look at West Ham Before we Knack Them)

As we go start our season for Old Trafford against West Ham United, make we try know who dey there and how they go try play the match.

First of all, West Ham don buy 5 people already: Joe Hart (basket), Zabaleta (Reject),  Chicharito, Arnautovic and one yeye boy wey I no fit waste my time type him as e no even make sense. But make we no worry, Jose get plan for all of them.

Since they dey play away match against the biggest club in the world, na counter attack their manager tell me say they go play when I been talk to am yesterday. Him say they go sit deep, absorb pressure and put their chaplet for water dey beg God make we no tear their net. But that kind prayer no go work sha.

But we need dey careful. Arnatovic and Chicha na two good players wey we need to hold well. We know Chicha from him time with us. Him mama born am offside and him sabi chook leg anyhow inside box. Nothing go come for am to chook on Sunday.


But hopefully, Antonio Martial go wound Zabaleta for that flank sha. Zabaleta na old man wey Man-shitty thruway, him come land for Westham so Martial go treat him mess up well. Also, that basket wey they buy as goalkeeper, we go open him yansh wella.

Previous stats wey concern Man United versus West Ham match be say:

  • For last five matches wey Man United don play against West Ham, na 1 win each then 3 draws.
  • Man United dey unbeaten for last 9 home matches against West Ham.
  • We don win 16 opening day matches for Premier League (We and Agberos dey highest).
  • Baba Jose never lose home match wey him team play on a Sunday since him start to dey coach.

So overall, West ham go try give us problem but we go beat them as them no reach and this season na our own!!!


Wetin you think?

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