Players report card : Swansea 0 vs ManUtd 4

This weekend na another one wey sweet all we fans of our ogbonge football club. We continue the match this weekend from where we stop last week as the boys dey vex for the game. We start the match with plenty ginger and we no even let the match reach 10 minutes before we begin pepper them.

The 2 matches wey we don play don show say truly the thing we dey lack last season na finisher and person wey fit hold the midfield to protect the defence and also push attack go front. Lukaku and Matic don prove themselves as worthy buys for he team with their performance for the games dem don play this season.

Haters go say na just two games and na small teams we follow play but our elders dey talk say, “weekend wey go sweet, na from friday person go don know” I like as Mourinho too no dey gamble too much, e dey try see as he fit quick cover ground on the other teams and quick run to the top of the table and try stay there for as long as we fit till season end. Na my players report card be this, make una enjoy am

DeGea : he maintain him position and ensure say we keep another clean sheet. Even though he no get too many saves to make but i like how he don dey command him presence for him box. How he dey push attackers and shout for him defenders head if them lose guard. I give am 6

Valencia : Captain one way, he do him best cover the team and help push go front when time reach. I also like as he take am upon himself to tell Pogba to calm down when he dey rake as he get card. I give am 6

Bailly : BEAST!!! As usual another better performance for defence and he top am with him first ever goal for us. He use better striker instinct to match the ball enter. I give am 8 for the game and na him be my man of the match.

Jones : he don improve well and him clumsy behavior no dey show again. He make sure say all the up ball wey Swansea been wan use enter us he cut am out. He suppose score one goal self but na bar he see. I give am 7

Blind : at least he dey balanced for this match unlike before, and he do some very sweet crosses self. I give am 6, he still need improve on him game.

Matic : he no too show himself as he do for the first game but i like am cos he dey do things quickly and he dey keep am simple unlike Pogba. He dey release pass when he suppose, block when he suppose, just do am simple and fast. I give am 6

Pogba : he get good game but the yellow card wey he get for the game dey very unnecessary as he use that one spoil him game. He get thank Matic for cover wey he dey give am to fit go front more. I like him goal and assist well so for that i go give am 7

Mata : he play the free role well as he just dey gyrate up and down like person wey climb hoverboard. I give am 6

Mkhitaryan : the game be wan first had am but he settle for the number 10 role well and we all see him assists. He don dey fit relate with the strikers with some sweet pass. I give am 6

Lukaku : the goal count continue this week, he dey composed and dey position to hammer the ball enter net when the chance come. If Lukaku no score pass 20 goals with this form for league this season then he no try at all. I give am 7 for him doings.

Substitutes :

Martial : Mourinho don get him ‘last card-check up’ player. When he first use Rashford do pick 2, pick 3, general market then he go throw Martial to do the check up. He enter game and use him skill contribute and score one goal. I give am 7

Fellaini : i no believe say time go reach wey i go dey look forward to say make Fellaini enter match. He don sabi hold that midfield well and repay all the trust wey Mourinho get for am. He just need to work on him passing so he go fit dey distribute ball well. I give am 6

Herrera : na late substitution but he still make him presence show. I give am 5 We just need to balance a few more things but me i believe for this team well. By the time every gel finish, na straight win go continue. Na the report be that, till our next game, make una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

Wetin you think?

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