Manchester United versus Leicester City – Opposition Watch (Make we try look more into Leicester before we knack them)

Na Leicester City dey our firing line next as we dey hot now. We don dish pepper soup with assorted goal scorers for Westham and Swansea. So, make we reason Leicester matter. Make we agree for one thing first: Leicester go give us more wahala than Westham and Swansea join together. They be former Champions and they start this season well too. They score 3 goals against Bayern baby mama. Then they win their next match 2-0.

Leicester na counter attacking team as everybody don know and they get very fast players wey sabi run and dribble. They also buy players wey dey try- Kelechi Iheanachor and Harry Maguire. Their defence don tight small and their attack still dey pacy. So na to dey careful about am and baba Jose tell me say make we no worry.


We go need score early goal for this match so that we no go too push up later in the match as that na wetin Leicester dey want so that their counter go bear fruit. So, early goal go calm everybody down and we go then use our own counter kill them if they try come out. For corner and setplays, we gat dey careful even if we dey play am or defend am.

We knack them 4-1 last season for Old Trafford. We fit still repeat am. At all at all, they go still collect am. Make we just enjoy ourselves and remain on top that league as we no be anybody mate again.


Wetin you think?

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