How Manchester United go dey this season based on logistics.


Now wey King Zlatan don sign new 1 year deal with Manchester United, Jose Mourinho don get one more headache join him long list of headaches this season:

1, Jose gots decide to use Zlatan or Lukaku as him top 9 this season. Both men too Sabi. Personally, I no know which one to choose. I go let the boss pick but last last one of them go dey disappointed.

Jose been yarn yesterday: “Zlatan Sabi  me and he Sabi say I dey play the players wey I think dey best for the team.”

Jose: “So if he come here  and he show say him na the best, he plays. If the other players no give him am chance to prove himself… Na so life dey”

E fit be say Zlatan go be super sub this season 🤔?

Anyhow, Manchester United too get options for attack and e good. Competition go dey.

2, On the wings, Rashford, Mkhi, Mata and Martial don get flying start to the season.. Them don score and assist yakpa. But na mostly Rashford dey start ahead of Martial even though the latter never score this season.

Some fans yarn say “na part of Mourinho tactics to use Rashford for first half to work defenses sotay them go tire, before e go come include Martial for second half make e pepper them more”. This tactic don dey work well sha.

3, What about Jesse Lingard?


The young winger never make any start this season and as things dey so e go stay like that. Lingard get importance for this team so? I been yarn with MUIP author, @ClintonSpel, and na watin he yarn be this: “Times dey change, soon we no go need him work rate anymore, we go need quality and na watin he lack be that”. I believe say Lingard still get use. He just gats wait make domestic cups resume, Carabao cup (Na EFL wey dem rename – yeye name) and FA cup i dey hope to see Lingard. He dey show him quality for there.
4. Na who go dey for Midfield?

Matic – Mata – Pogba combo don  prove excellent for the first 2 games but I we know say against tougher teams, Matic – Herrera – Pogba go dey needed.
Lord Fellaini na still crucial team player. Same with Martial, na second half naim he dey shine better. He go just enter dey Dominate and destroy tired players.

5, For Defense unko? 🤔

Blind, Jones, Bailly, Valencia been dey solid. Hope they go keep the consistency. Rojo, Tuanzebe, Lindelof & Shaw dey fit and go add more depth.

6, Watin go happen to Romero?


In goal, de Gea don make amazing start. 2 clean sheets in 2 games. Better player. Like Lukaku and Ibra, Mourinho go get the problem of who to start..
Romero proved himself  last season for Europa league. But  Mou go leave Champions league duty to Romero and leave de Gea out? I no think so.
The Sad truth be say Romero gots settle for domestic leagues this season. The FA cup and Carabao na him only hope and hopefully he go see small Premier league too.

7. Watin go happen to our fringe (fill in the gap) players?

Ashley young, Smalling, Tuanzebe, Joel Pereira, Mitchell, and Carrick no go too see ball play this season. The older ones like Ashley young gats dey think of how e go Comot Manchester United because space no dey again.

Na Manchester United: Based on logistics be this. Feel free to drop una comments or reach me for Twitter @Kvng_Jaydn. No forget say United we stand, divided we fall.


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