‘I change am for dem till dey pay me’ Van Gaal don break the silence on hin United sacking


Ex-United manager Louis van Gaal don break the silence on the way Manchester United take sack am after e win FA Cup, after hin second season with the Reds.

“Manchester United bin put me ontop hot seat and dey con spread my boxers for street make people dey laugh me,” na wetin Van Gaal yarn.

“The pressure wey i bin face ontop that hot seat no easy. Upon everything, dey con sly me.”

“I dey reason say the whole thing be like movie, the way dem take kick me inside gutter, e sure me say dey bin dey plan am since January.”

“My wife bin tell me say the board wan throw me away, but then i no gree. You sabi say most women get winsh sense, dem dey see things before e happen.”

“Suddenly, former players con dey talk anyhow for media, say we dey play boring football. And the way Chelsea take sack Mourinho, bin make am easy for people to yab me.”

“I fit understand say Manchester United bin wan get Mourinho. The truth be say i no bin wan stay three years self, na United bin dey beg me before.”

“If say dem for tell me say dem wan replace me with Mourinho, i for understand, i be elderly person na. I for still give my best for the last 6 months till i commot.”

“But as dem no tell me, i bin make dem pay every penny for my last year, i no pity dem.”


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