‘Only stupid people dey talk about stupid things.’ Mourinho don react on hin beef with Hughes

Jose Mourinho bin no wan shake Mark Hughes hand at the end of the 2-2 draw wey Manchester United play against Stoke City onto say e believe say the guy tell am say make e go ‘Fuck himself’ during the game.

For the second half, e remain small Mourinho and Hughes for fight. The thing con pain the Reds boss, so after the game finish, e shake some of the Stoke staff but e no gree shake their manager.

Later reporters con dey ask the United manager why e no shake the guy, but Mourinho no wan yarn.

Wetin we believe at MUIP na say Hughes bin tell Mourinho to ‘Fuck Off’. Later e con go meet Ref, say make e send Mourinho go stands. Hughes even push Baba Special self, e no dey fear.

“I bin push am ontop say e dey standa for my technical area. Maybe na why e no gree shake me,” na wetin Hughes yarn. “The result no favour am sha. I sabi say if managers wey dey top-six no win matches, e dey pain dem.”

This na Mourinho’s own response: “I no dey speak about stupid things, i don big pass that kind thing. Na only person wey dey stupid, fit dey talk about stupid things.”



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