Players report card, Stoke 2 vs ManUtd 2


We don finally drop points this weekend for the EPL race. This na the first time this season wey we dey concede goal first and the only good side wey i like for the game be say we show say we fit come from behind equalise and even score another goal.

This match na match wey we suppose win but i no understand how e take happen wey we come draw the game.

we lose some chances but make we clap for stoke self as their game plan work for them. Na as them take hope dem receive am. Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am

DeGea : he show why him still be the best keeper for EPL. I still dey watch the replay of that Jesse ball wey he save, i never understand how he do am. The 2 goals wey he chop, na defenders we go blame. I give am 7

Bailly : he sleep for some times for the match, na him play dem onside wey let Choupa-Moting score the first goal. He also get some time wey he be like say he heavy on ball. I give am 5

Valencia : he make some good runs for the flank, he also defend him side well. I give am 6

Jones : na the first game wey he play show small shaky-shaky be this. He no mark for the second goal wey Stoke score us. I give am 6

Darmian : him wing leak well. He no try help the team for attack join. Na him side dem use pass for the field to take enter us. I give am 5

Matic : effective player. He go do him work without plenty shout. He make sure say he no lose ball and he also free Pogba to go front. I give am 7

Herrera : he go need to do more pass wetin he do if he really wan play for this team. I expect say as na him first chance after a long while he go ginger well but he lost for this match . I give am 5

Pogba ; he try for the game but i swear if he fit just keep some things simple he go really help the team. No be every time you go wan guide player, just release pass and enter position. I give am 6

Mkhitaryan : he continue with him form from last game. Him pass to Lukaku sweet well. He try run things for the game and when he play from the middle he get chance well. I give am 7

Rashford : good performance but he fit do more. He need to know when to shoot and when to pass. He get some good runs against Stoke defenders too and him equaliser na wetin help us for the game. I give am 7

Lukaku : he need to take all the chances wey he get. Na the same kind of goal wey he miss against Real Madrid for Super cup he miss again to claim winner for us for this match. I give am 7


Mata : he try change things small for the game as he enter. He create chance and him runs also try open their defence small. I give am 6

Martial : he suppose don start the game early. Things for different as he for get chance pepper their defence. Diouf still dey wonder how he take make am split. I give am 6

Lingard : he run up and down. I give am 5

This game don show say we need to kill off games if we really wan contest this EPL title. I like say at least we dey fit score goals, unlike last season wey na 0-0 dey plenty pass. Mourinho also need to dey look teams wey we dey follow play well ,i believe say if to say he don commot Darmian as he see say na him dem dey worry pass for first half, the game for balance well.

Any way, na the players report card be that and na UCL we dey play next on Tuesday. Make we ginger and remember say #UNITEDWESTAND


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