Juan Mata’s Blog: ‘Champions League na where Manchester United belong.’


Today na Monday and as usual, Juan Ikeji don come again with another episode of hin blog and we at MUIP dey here to translate am:

My people, how una dey

This week go dey special and na from Monday we go take start am. The group stage of the Champions League go start and we don enter am again, with the best teams wey dey Europe, na the place where Manchester United belong. We bin miss small last season – as we bin find ourselves for Europa, we no let the opportunity waste, na why we vess knack everybody, carry the Trophy – Now na the time to compete at the highest level.

This season no go dey easy as we dey four competitions but we go prove say our squad get depth and say we be players wey sabi play and our moral dey high. Plenty matches dey this month and we go need epp from every single player, so we go fit win as many as possible.

Last Saturday we bin drop two points, na the first time wey we dey drop points this season, against Stoke. We gots hail dem small onto say dey bin make life hard for us, na wetin dem dey do every year, dem dey block everywhere, den dey go begin attack with danger; But we show say we get character and e remain small we for knack dem. Na my 150th game for United so e dey make my head swell, i dey hope say i go fit play many more games. We no fit celebrate am with three points but our moral still dey high for the match wey we go get on Tuesday. We dey still top table and 10 points out of 12 no bad.

Now we don turn our attention to Champions League, wey go happen for Old Trafford. We dey look forward to that sweet UCL music and e sure me say the stadium go bubble. Na Basel we dey play, na dem wey win the last League for Switzerland. They bin play for Champions League last season so e no go make sense if we underrate dem. I don play against dem before and i sabi say dem dey ball, dem sabi attack. We gots put head for ground so we go fit play better ball.

Make we hugg,




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