Manchester United 3 vs FC Basel 0 players ratings. 

“……… The champiooooooooonnnnnnnssssssss”!!! This na the best song for every true football fan all over the world and e don Tey small wey we hear am for Old Trafford. Yesterday na good day as we welcome our return to the UCL and na FC Basel be our first victim. 
Everybody expect us to win the match and na wetin we do even as Basel been Wan first do gra-gra but Last-last na off dem off paynt. 

Fellaini na him open net and Lukaku follow with Rashford. Na 3-0 dem chop and even though we suppose score more, we go take this 3 goals, 3 points and clean sheet. Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am. 

DeGea : this man don dey prove people wrong say the clean sheet wey he get for ManUtd no be by defenders only, he do one nice save and na him ensure say him clean sheet no collect stain. 

Young : he play well for this match, defend well and also support attack with fine runs and sweet cross wey result for one goal. I give am 8

Lindelof : he show some small signs of fear for the match but as the match dey go he come compose and do normal. Him partnership with Smalling na just for back up for this kind of matches not permanent. I give am 6

Smalling : he try but he need to stop dey open hand and leg when he Wan pass. He win plenty headers and also don dey pass forward and sideways instead of back every time. I give am 7

Blind : he lose discipline sometimes for defence but I go praise am for all him passes forward and him runs to attack. I give am 6

Pogba : he ginger well for the match but him body no gree am as he get hamstring pull. I pray make he Fit play the weekend game. I rate am 6 for the match

Matic : Mr. Composed. He really balance the midfield and na him let lord Fellaini fit go forward. Na only once I know wey he lose ball when he pass wrong pass wey Basel try use counter us. I rate am 7

Mkhitaryan : he start the game with good performance and na him for get first goal but bar and keeper no gree am. He fade for the second half but I no go blame am cos Basel players really give am hard tackles. I rate am 6

Mata : he get some fine moments but all in all he no really hold the match for neck. Na just some brilliant moments and nothing extra. I give am 6

Martial : he pepper their defenders well and make sure say dem no rest all through when he dey field. Him runs and dribbles to cut in dey good. I give am 7

Lukaku : he score him first UCL goal for us and I also notice how he try help the team as he also dey wide to gain ball and do some good crosses/passes. I give am 7
Substitutes :

Fellaini : he enter for Pogba and he show say he don improve him game. All of us see the backheel and some sweet passes wey he do. Except for when he Wan push player for box, I no see anything wrong wey he do. He prove Mourinho trust in am as na him open the goal scoring. I rate am 8 and na my man of the match

Lingard : he try but I no see anything special wey he do. I give am 5

Rashford : better pikin. He don score for all him debut competitions wey he don play. He just need to work more on him goal scoring. This one NA legend in the making. I give am 7

Na the player report card be that, as we dey prepare for the weekend game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND. 


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