Players report card: Manchester United 4-0 Everton 

This match na one big reunion party as the two teams get players wey be exes for the other team now. We get Lukaku and Fellaini while Everton get Schneiderlin and Rooney. Mourinho never win Korean before and na this match suppose be wetin go settle the scores.

The match start well with that our first wicked goal. And after that we dull for the second half but as the match enter the last 15 minutes na so the madness start. Anyway, the match end 4-0 and we go dey thank Oluwa. Na the players report card be this. Make una enjoy 3

DeGea : this one NA winsh. Some keepers dey keep clean sheet mainly because they get very good defenders. DeGea case different. He dey show himself say he follow dey make the clean sheet happen. We see the many saves he make. I give am 8

Valencia : that goal alone don do. No need for too much story. I give am 8

Bailly : he really hold the defence well but that yellow card he collect for me na rubbish play cos he no need am. I give am 7

Jones : this one don improve leave Smalling behind. He show him confidence and strength for the defence. Him tackles today dey good and he make some good blocks. I give am 7

Young : he continue where he stop for the last game. Rashford slow him ginger cos he no respond fast to make am drive go front well. He don solidify him place as wing back. I give am 7

Matic : anchor of the team. This one NA our best signing. He help the team from middle to attack and cover the defence. Him assist to Valencia and him shot wey miss bar small good well. I give am 7

Fellaini : I still Wan know wetin Mourinho give am chop. Fellaini don transform finish to midfield maestro. Him control and passes dey sweet today. I give am 7

Mkhitaryan : he start well come off for the game. As the game enter second half he come begin show some major appearances. He score one goal. I give am 6

Mata : he just keep am simple for the match. Good performance still, I give am 6

Rashford : this match na zero for am. NA him worst game this season be this. I give am 5

Lukaku : he miss that major chance but he correct him mistake with one assist and one goal to silence him haters. I give am 7 for the match.


Lingard : I give am 5. Just enter to come do him usual galloping.

Herera : him self enter but he no really effect the game as I think he for do till the last few minutes. I give am 6

Martial : I dey shout since make he enter and he no betray my trust. As he enter he begin dey pepper the defence and he no Tey before he win penalty and he score goal. He do all this in less than 5 minutes to the end of the regular time for the match. I give am 7

Now we dey joint top the table with our neighbors and na to dey wait for the next game. Wetin sweet me pass NA the clean sheet and how we dey score goals freely this season. Last season this match na 1-1 for end am. Anyway, make we prepare for next game and remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

Wetin you think?

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