Champions League no dey bubble again, People no dey too feel am–Arsene Wenger

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger don commot yarn say Champions League no dey bubble again, say people no dey feel am again, as e talk say most fans dey watch only one or two games.

Everybody sabi say Arsenal wey Wenger dey manage, no qualify for Champions League as hin side dey battle against the likes of Kafanchan United and GhanaMustGo with MrEazi FC in the Europa League. The Arsenal Boss yalk say the competition no dey shine as e dey shine for previous seasons.

“I dey reason say the group stages no get too many matches wey dey interesting,” na wetin Arsene yarn. “Na only one or two games wey person fit watch.”

E talk say people don dey used to the matches wey dey happen for group stage and e con add “Na why fans dey reduce na, nobody wan watch am again.”

The truth be say the figures don reduce for Champions League sha in Britain, even for the matches wey involve UK clubs, people no dey too watch like that.

We at MUIP wan first talk say Wenger no get sense, wetin consign you with Champions League this season? E just dey pain am say Arsenal no qualify. Baba no go focus on hin Europa League, e just dey chook eye for wetin consign am. E dey part of the reason why the views for England bin drop now, when e go dey collect constant 5-0 knacking from Barcelona and Bayern Munich, why English people no go tire?

Wetin you think?

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