Qnlay’s Players report card , CSKA Moscow Vs ManUtd (1-4) – Another Angle


Yesterday na another good day for we fans of the ogbonge club, Manchester United as we carry our waka for the Champions league move forward with another straight win for far away Moscow.

The boys no waste time as dem play the match like say dem carry CSKA Moscow for mind before. Match never reach anywhere we don rush knack dem akpako. The match end with 4-1 and we really put up good performance. Truth be say we suppose score pass 6 goals for this match but our finishing weak us. If we get to play against teams wey get very solid defence we no fit afford to lose this kind chances cos we fit no see am again.

We also get our defenders to thank as dem self join body play better ball. The only thing wey pain me for the match na the clean sheet wey dem no let De gea keep even after all him fine saves wey he make

Anyway, na the players report be this, make una enjoy am:

DeGea : flying cat, we all see that him fine save wey he make. He no get anything to prove again to anybody, na him be the best keeper presently in the world. I give am 8

Ashley Young : captain for the night. He no betray the trust wey Mourinho give am. He get really good game. I give am 7

Eric Bailly : all rounder good performance. He impress me with the way he dey control the ball and even move forward. He do some sweet simple dribbles to take escape attackers. I give am 7.5

Lindelof : he struggle some parts of the game but he finally settle in and maintain himself. He go still need to learn how to quick release ball and pass well. I give am 7

Blind : he just keep am simple and make sure say where other people go try use power, he just apply common sense. I dey impressed with am. I give am 7

Matic : main anchor for defence and attack. He make many interceptions for us and him ball delivery for the match na highest. I still remember that pass wey he give Darmian. sweet something! I give am 7

Herrera : he ginger the other players for the match. He no really do much damage as he just dey background dey do him work. I give am 6

Martial : my man of the match. H really impress and he get two assists and one goal. He for get pass that one but our finishing dey very poor. I give am 8

Mkhitaryan : he just play the game to fully enjoy himself. He dey everywhere for the field and he make things happen. He win penalty for us and he also score one goal. I give am 8

Lukaku : the one match -one goal man. He continue him goal scoring campaign with two goals although we all see say he suppose score like 5 goals for this game but bad as e bad we collect the 2 goals wey he score laidat. He still get plenty work to do on him finishing sha. I give am 8


Lingard : he for just score on him first touch as he enter but he no sabi. He play well pass as he dey play other days this season sha. I give am 5

Darmian : he deny Matic that assist with that sweet pass wey he no score but all in all he play well as he make sure say we dey press go forward. I give am 6

Rashford : he no really impress me for this game. I expect say make he come enter and cause more damage but to me he don put all the whole comparison with Martial to rest. I give am 5

Now na to dey look forward to our next game this weekend for EPL. I know say if we continue with this form and formation then things no suppose hard us as Crystal Palace self dey face crisis now.

I go dey here to knack una another sweet report card after the weekend game, but until then, make una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

Wetin you think?

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