Former Manchester United attacker Adnan Januzaj dey suffer from articular effusion


Real Sociedad don confirm say former Manchester United winger Adnan Januzaj get long term wound. The 22-year-old bin dey hope say e go revive hin career for Spain after e wakka commot from Old Trafford for £8m last summer.

However, na only four matches wey e don play for the La Liga side before e con pick up knee wound and Doctors don admit say the wound dey very serious.

Na the official statement from Real Sociedad be this: “Adnan Januzaj bin finish the match against Zenit St. Petersburg and at that time, nothing bin dey pain am. Later e con talk say e dey feel serious pain for hin right knee. The MRI scan wey e do, don reveal say e get moderate articular effusion. The plan wey we get for am na to rest am, before e go con do mild physiotherapy. We no sabi when e go come back, e dey depandant on hin recovery.”


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