Baba Special dey praise Juan Ikeji and him four “team” players

Jose Mourinho dey hail the influence of Juan Mata after Manchester United been off Crystal palace pant for Saturday.

The former agbero player, wey been move on to greater things come Old Trafford during Baba special second term for Stamford bridge been score the opening goal against Crystal Palace wey dey fight relegation, as United been score four goals for the sixth time this season.

Ikeji never too dey our starting XI and don dey tospi for different positions since Mourinho don land, baba special dey believe say him been one of the players wey dey underrated for this him current squad.


“I need good players, I need good people”, na wetin Mourinho talk about Mata.

“I need some people with maturity, I need some people with the concept of team, so to get people like Mata, Herrera, Valencia, Matic, I just dey give few examples o-dey very important because as managers, we no get easy life


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