Maroune Fellaini dey give teams serious headache – Steven Gerrard


Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard don tag Maroune Fellaini as ‘serious headache’ as e believe say the Belgian international dey difficult for teams to play against.

The midfielder bin tear net twice as the Red Devils demolish Crystal Palace, the other people wey score na Juan Mata and Romelu Lukaku.

and Gerrard believe say e dey important to have players like Fellaini in your team if you wan dey direct and you wan play dirty football.

“E no easy to play against am at all,” na wetin Gerrard yarn for BT Sport. “E sabi do many things, even when e dey for Everton self. That time, e bin dey do flick-ons, dey hold up play, dey worry defenders.”

Nemanja Matic don provide update on Paul Pogba’s injury

“The koko here na say Jose Mourinho like am wella. Na everytime wey the manager dey praise am. I dey reason say e make sense as Mourinho never sell am, as e fit use am as plan B. No be everytime wey person go dey play attractive football. Sometimes, you gats dey direct if you wan pick up three points.”


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