‘No be my best be this’ – Manchester United’s Nemanja Matic dey eye PL title


New signing Nemanja Matic believe say Manchester United fit lift the Premier League title in May this season but e sabi say e no go dey easy.

The Former Chelsea player wey wakka enter Old Trafford last summer for £40 million, don play key role to the Red Devils flying start to the 2017/18 season.

“I bin no do pre-season, I bin train alone, so i dey feel am sometimes ontop pitch,” na wetin Matic yarn. “My body never full ground 100% as i dey here so. Some things dey hard me but na why i dey play simple game, make i no go cast myself.”

‘Matic na world class, E sabi hin work’ – Ander Herrera dey use style thank Chelsea

The Serbian don use style admit say United go fight for the title by chooking their eye on the next game, so dem no go overthink the matter.

Manchester United fit improve – Jose FOURinho

“We sabi wetin we suppose do onto say na Manchester United we be, na the next game dey our mind. Everytime, na the next game we dey focus on. As we dey pick up points dey go, when May reach, anywhere we see ourselves, we go accept am. Season still long o. ”



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