Juan Mata’s Blog in Pidgin: Na Special week for Manchester United as Anfield dey the corner

As New Week don start, Juan Mata don come again with another edition of hin weekly Monday blog and we at MUIP dey here to translate am for una:

My People, How una dey,

These international break weeks take style long sha, ahan wetin happen? The only thing wey fit console us na say some of the matches wey interesting, and we don dey know some of the teams wey go play for the World Cup in Russia 2018. England and Spain don qualify and dem deserve am.

Ehen, make I yarn about our next Premier League match, the one wey go happen for Anfield. Na one of the big games this season, nobody fit doubt am. I know say this match dey very important for us and our fans, and I hope say we go fit play well, wakka commot with three points. We go try extend our unbeaten run. I dey also hope say none of our players go injure again during this international break, as wetin happen to Maroune Fellaini. I dey wish Fellaini speedy recovery.

Make I leave una now, I hope say this week go make sense. Thank una wella

Make we hug,



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