Jose Mourinho dun confirm absence of three key midfielder for Liverpool match

Jose Mourinho dun confirm say hin Manchester United side go dey without Paul Pogba, Marouane Fellaini and Michael Carrick for awa clash with Liverpool for Anfield.

Pogba still dey sidelines ontop hin hamstring injury wey hin carry commot for Basel for United first Champions League game. As hin dun return to light training, we no dey expect Pogba anywhere close hin wan make full return, as e be say French national side oga Didier Deschamps dun admit am say hin no dey expect make Pogba play again until at least next international break for November.

As club website take quote am, Mourinho yarn say the injury dey certainly long-term but hin no dey fully sure when the former Juventus midfielder go return to hin normal and proper action.

Marouane Fellaini suffer knee injury as hin dey international duty for Belgium, and dey expect make hin sidon for sideline for some weeks, as Belgium FA take confirm am. Veteran Michael Carrick dey also set to miss out ontop Liverpool match, as hin dun miss the last two United matches cos say injury hole am down.

As Pogba, Fellaini and Carrick join Ibrahimovic and Rojo for sidelines, Mourinho only get Matic and Herrera as hin only recognised midfielders – but instead hin no go get any issues.

“From watin i read, i no think hin [Fellaini] fit play the match. Another one go play and no be problem for me. No be just Ander. We carry trust give every player. We lose players last season and con lose players this season join. With the way we dey think and feel, no be problem,” Mourinho explain.

“One player no dey play mean say e dun open door for another one as hin go see play chance. Na opportunity for another one and we trust them. We no go hide behind this or that player or this or that injury. We trust the ones wey go play.”

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