‘Nothing dey special about Liverpool clash, na ordinary match’ – Jose Mourinho


Reds boss Jose Mourinho don yarn say the game wey Manchester United get against Liverpool on Saturday no dey special, say na ordinary match.

No be today wey the rivalry between the two sides don dey carry weight, However Jose Mourinho believe say na just another match wey United gats win as dem dey push for the title.

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“Na three points be the koko,” na wetin Mourinho yarn. “This season, one opposition player tell me say this match be like cup final. For my mind, i bin dey wonder why person wey get sense, go dey talk like mumu.”

“When you dey big club, you be big player, you be big manager, every match dey important. You no fit dey look say some matches be like cup final while other matches dey different. For me ehn, every match na cup final.”

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“Na three, no be four. If say we don reach that time wey the result fit give us title, ehen we for treat am like final. But this match no dey special jare, na three-point match. Na how i dey approach am.”

“Shey i like dey go Anfield? Ehen na, i like am. Shey i like dey play against Liverpool? Ehen, i like dey play for big stadiums, dey face people wey sabi ball but our preparation no go dey different. Na ordinary match.”


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