Jose Mourinho: United go embrace ‘beautiful’ atmosphere for Anfield

Mourinho dun claim say hin players go ‘enjoy’ any kyn tin wey the 55,000 Liverpool fans fit throw at them.

Mourinho yarn: “When people dey yarn about big atmosphere e dey look like say we no like them. E dey be like big problem for us to enta one place con face big atmosphere. Na sontin wey we want sef. Na sontin wey if we get for every match, we go get for every match.

” When Barcelona play against Las Palmas with empty stadium, una think say the players dey happy? You tink say Las Palmas player no go wan prefer say make dem play for Nou Camp wey be say great atmosphere boku there.

“You dey yarn about Anfield like say e be one kyn big problem. Na satisfaction e be. Na watin we want be that. I never see any player wey go carry head con meet me dey complain say ‘oh this atmosphere dey very strong’.

” We go to nack big teams with big tradition, for ogbonge stadium with great tradition. We know say the fans get huge animosity against Manchester United historically but na watin we want be that. So we dey very happy for our careers say we get one more opportunity to play in these beautiful conditions. E dey beautiful to play for Anfield. Beautiful.”


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